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Providing renewable energy solutions, our solar and inverter company offers high-quality products for homes and businesses.



Our More Experince team having in deapth knowledge of latest development in technology provide extensive consultation to cater with advance system to benefit maximum


Through our tailored made design software we provide accurate assessment of customer’s need.


Our installation team is updated with latest equipments to deliver the fast & quality system. Increased Home Value


To deliver the best after-sales services, our back-end office is monitoring the systems online 24/7 to tackle any fault to make the customer feel in comfort.

Difference Between On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Solution

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On-Grid Solar Solution

A On Grid solar system is the most cost-effective solar solution that allows the consumers to use the solar panel system with supplementation from the grid.The grid connection lets the system be used without any batteries, which makes it highly affordable and reliable.

off grid solar solution

Off-Grid Solar Solution

Off-grid solar energy solutions provide reliable and efficient power to support sites located in remote areas where grid access is not feasible and the costs and/or environmental impacts associated with using a diesel generator as the primary energy source make it prohibitive.

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