Aerox Plus 3.2KW

Aerox Plus 3.2KW


Inverex Nitrox 3.6kw

Inverex Nitrox 3.6kw

Aerox Plus 5.2KW


  • High-efficiency pure sine wave inverter (PF=1).
  • Wide PV input range (120Vdc-500Vdc) 80A MPPT SCC.
  • Intelligent 3-stage 80A AC charger.
  • Intelligent functionality enables utility & solar input prioritization.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, or communicate with USB/RS232.
  • The system configures quickly into a compact, wall-mounted system.
  • Enhance MPPT solar charge controller up to 4000 WATTS.
  • Efficiently works without a battery.
  • Adaptable to Main Voltage/ Generator Power.
  • Built-in the anti-dust kit.
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Inverex 5.2kW Aerox Plus Inverter, Rated power 5200VA/5200W, Voltage 230VAC, Adaptable to main voltage/generator power, Built-in the anti-dust kit. Efficiently works without a battery & much more. Get the latest Inverex 5.2KW Aerox Plus inverter from Haider and sons at a good price.



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